How to Make Realistic PBR Materials with Lumion

In this video I’ll show you how to create realistic PBR materials in Lumion. I’ll explain the different texture maps and why they are necessary to get realistic results. And also, how to add extra detail, with displacement maps. Up your rendering game with my Lumion Render Course Watch it here

How to use Megascans with Lumion – PBR Materials

Learn all about how you can use Quixel Megascans inside Lumion and have high-quality PBR materials and 3d models. What is Megascans? Massive online scan library of high-resolution, PBR calibrated 3D scans and surfaces. Prepared for Games, VFX, ArchViz, Ads and Automotive, VR and AR. They have thousands of 3D assets, tileable surfaces, vegetation, imperfections, decals and many more. This …